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What can data tell you about your customers?

Not only can you discover insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences, but analytics can help you run your business more efficiently.

Optimize your business

Retailers that are not putting a prime focus on learning about their customers—including their current and projected requirements and preferences—risk falling behind market competitors that are seeking to connect and address today’s consumers. This is a task that requires specialized knowledge only accessible from big data analytics.

See how analytics can improve your business…

Understand Your Customers

Our data solutions allow you to learn more about your customers and prospective customers, their preferences, and their likely behaviors through aggregation of disparate data and advanced analytics. This information can be used to inform merchandising decisions and marketing strategies.

Increase ROI on Marketing Spend

By utilizing our analytics platform, you can measure and compare how customers are, or are not, responding to marketing and advertising efforts, then overlay that information with cost data to capture ROIs. This information can help you optimize advertising campaigns and increase their effectiveness.

Predict Behavior and Take Action

Data analytics can predict customer behavior so you can take action. Discover what makes someone your best customer and find more customers like them, create relevant product recommendations, and pinpoint factors that lead to customer churn, allowing you to take action accordingly.

Retail Use Cases

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Advanced analytics, powered by Aunsight.

Our end-to-end analytics platform provides the scalable infrastructure and computing power necessary to realize massive value in your data.


Our cloud-based platform provides all the components needed to transfer, store, transform, and automate data processes. No more fighting with data or the various tools needed to interact with it—with Aunsight, each component has been integrated seamlessly.


Aunsight’s Analytics Bundle includes the Data Science Lab and Dataflow Manager to help Data Scientists explore and manage advanced analytics and modeling.

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