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Transform regulatory costs into revenue.

Banks and credit unions can realize value in their data by gaining insights into their customers and taking appropriate action.

Optimize your business

Today’s banks have a considerable amount of account- and customer-specific information on their hands. This data is often more valuable and impactful than many organizations realize, and can help improve the efficiency of operating processes to increase a bank’s customer base and reduce its churn. By analyzing their data, banks are transforming costs into a revenue generator.

See how analytics can improve your business…

Understand Your Customers

Our data solutions give you new insights into your customer base which can help you retain customers, gain new ones, and increase usage of your bank’s products amongst current members. We use advanced analytics to help you gain new customers by targeting your ideal customer, reduce churn by discovering which customers are most likely to leave, and increase wallet share by suggesting relevant products to existing customers.

Automate Reporting

Spend less time creating, compiling, and updating financial and regulatory reports. Our secure data and analytics platform, Aunsight, allows you to automate these tasks so you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. In addition, we can help turn your bank into a truly data-driven organization by automating your KPIs and sending alerts to key decision-makers so they can take immediate action to achieve your business goals.

Finance Use Cases

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Advanced analytics, powered by Aunsight.

Our end-to-end analytics platform provides the scalable infrastructure and computing power necessary to realize massive value in your data.


Our cloud-based platform provides all the components needed to transfer, store, transform, and automate data processes. No more fighting with data or the various tools needed to interact with it—with Aunsight, each component has been integrated seamlessly.


Aunsight’s Analytics Bundle includes the Data Science Lab and Dataflow Manager to help Data Scientists explore and manage advanced analytics and modeling.

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