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What Data Analytics Has In Store for the Cable Industry

by Aunalytics • January 30, 2017

Since news first emerged about Netflix’s use of big data, the streaming service provider had become the poster child¬†for analytics in the cable industry. Using predictive analytics, Netflix was able to forecast the success of “House of Cards,” investing millions to support its findings. This instance showcased the kind of power data-driven decisions could provide […]

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Aunalytics’ Director of Digital Analytics Talks Tools, Talent and Answering the Complex Questions

by Aunalytics • January 5, 2017

As big data analytics and the associated processes involved continue to change and advance, new questions emerge pertaining to businesses’ information. Now that access to new software tools has enabled companies to answer their basic big data queries, these organizations are turning to experts to address the explosion of questions that follow. After all, big […]