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4 Ways Disparate Data Sets Are Holding You Back

by Aunalytics • September 29, 2016

As an enterprise with a lot of different sectors and moving parts, having disparate, siloed data is hard to avoid. After all, the marketing department may deal with certain information while the IT team works with other data. The details the finance department leverages aren’t the same as what’s used by HR, and so on. […]

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What is Little Data and what does it mean for my big data initiatives?

by Aunalytics • September 9, 2016

Big data has been the buzz of the business world for years now, with businesses across every industrial sector gathering and analyzing information in an effort to leverage the resulting actionable insights. For the past few years, “big” has been the name of the game, with organizations working to indiscriminately collect as many details in […]

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Understanding Analytics Part 2: Top External Sources of Big Data

by Aunalytics • August 18, 2016

Big data analysis is one of the most powerful strategies today’s corporations have in their repertoire. Gathering and analyzing relevant information to better understand trends and glean other insights can offer a nearly endless number of benefits for companies as they look to offer better customer services and enhance their own internal processes. Before that […]

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Understanding Analytics Part 1: Top Internal Sources of Big Data

by Aunalytics • August 11, 2016

There’s no arguing the power of big data in today’s corporate landscape. Businesses are analyzing a seemingly endless array of data sources in order to glean insights into just about every activity – both inside their business, as well as those that are customer-facing. Right now, it seems that enterprises cannot get their hands on enough […]

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What can clickstream data tell you about your business?

by Aunalytics • July 14, 2016

Today, more businesses leverage big data to inform important decisions than ever before. This information can come from a range of different sources, each of which paints an insightful new picture of the company, its customers or both. However, in order to reap these benefits, organizations must not only have the data itself, but the skills […]

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The Internet of Things: Challenges, Insights, & The Future

by Aunalytics • March 30, 2016

This month, we sat down with Aunalytics’ Vice President of Predictive Modeling, David Cieslak, PhD, to discuss his work on Internet of Things (IoT) analysis. We talked about the unique challenges of this type of project and what he’s learned, interesting insights he has discovered, and his thoughts on the future of the IoT field. […]

Building a data warehouse

Building a Data Warehouse

by Julie Grisanti • October 7, 2015

To perform interesting predictive or historical analysis of ever-increasing amounts of data, you first have to make it small. In our business, we frequently create new, customized datasets from customer source data in order to perform such analysis. The data may already be aggregated, or we may be looking at data across disparate data sources. […]

Why data warehousing?

Why Using a Data Warehouse Optimizes Analytics

by Julie Grisanti • August 31, 2015

Beginning an analytics project is no small task. After choosing the initial question to be answered and formulating a plan of actions to be taken as a result, the next logical step is to complete an inventory of the available data sources and determine what data is needed to reach the decided-upon analysis goal. It’s […]

Decision Trees: An Overview

Decision Trees: An Overview

by Julie Grisanti • January 30, 2015

Introduction If you’ve been reading our blog regularly, you have noticed that we mention decision trees as a modeling tool and have seen us use a few examples of them to illustrate our points. This month, we’ve decided to go more in depth on decision trees—below is a simplified, yet comprehensive, description of what they […]