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What Data Analytics Has In Store for the Cable Industry

by Aunalytics • January 30, 2017

Since news first emerged about Netflix’s use of big data, the streaming service provider had become the poster child for analytics in the cable industry. Using predictive analytics, Netflix was able to forecast the success of “House of Cards,” investing millions to support its findings. This instance showcased the kind of power data-driven decisions could provide […]

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Data Analytics in Higher Education: Past, Present and Future

by Aunalytics • January 12, 2017

In the past few years, the use of big data and analytics has exploded across nearly every industry, helping decision-makers glean important insights and arm themselves to make the best choices possible for their organizations. Big data and its analysis can open the door to considerable informational patterns and knowledge, and nowhere is this pursuit […]

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Aunalytics Launches Tableau User Group: Expanding the Benefits of Data Analytics

by Aunalytics • November 17, 2016

No matter how skilled a workforce or data analyst is, it can be difficult to clearly identify insights from rows and columns of data. What’s more, the pressure is on for many enterprises to make the best use of their value-rich big data and ensure that analysis leads to results that will support the value […]

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Top trends in big data: What’s on the horizon of analytics?

by Aunalytics • November 3, 2016

What are the biggest trends in the analytics industry currently, and how should your organization be using its big data? By now, it’s no secret that big data can offer today’s enterprises considerable advantages. And while the buzz surrounding this impactful strategy has died down, that doesn’t mean that analytics aren’t continuing to be a […]

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Data-Driven Marketing: 5 Ways to Leverage Big Data to Boost Your Brand

by Aunalytics • October 27, 2016

Marketing is one of the most important business processes today. Besides getting the word out about your company and attracting new customers, a well-supported marketing campaign can also enhance your brand’s position in the overall marketplace. However, understanding its importance and leveraging marketing for the best benefit of the organization are two separate battles. Today’s […]

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Big Data Leads to Big Wins: Preparing for the Holiday Season with Analysis

by Aunalytics • October 21, 2016

While it may seem far off, the holiday shopping season is closer than many of us realize. This time of year means a few things for retailers in particular, including increasing demands and rising website traffic alongside considerably boosted revenues. In fact, many companies generate the bulk of their profits during these last crucial months […]

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Big Data Analytics: Bringing Business Departments Together

by Aunalytics • October 13, 2016

The list of advantages that big data analytics can provide seems to grow with every initiative a business tackles. From boosting efficiencies to making smarter decisions about enterprise goals, big data has brought considerable benefits to every industry leveraging it today. While many of these perks focus around the results of an analytics project, there […]

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4 Ways Disparate Data Sets Are Holding You Back

by Aunalytics • September 29, 2016

As an enterprise with a lot of different sectors and moving parts, having disparate, siloed data is hard to avoid. After all, the marketing department may deal with certain information while the IT team works with other data. The details the finance department leverages aren’t the same as what’s used by HR, and so on. […]

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Big data challenges: What’s impacting your company?

by Aunalytics • September 23, 2016

There are a few main challenges that many organizations face with their big data initiatives that could be holding them back from success. Big data is an incredibly important part of business processes today, helping to streamline activities and improve efficiency across the board. Analysis holds the key to a nearly endless list of potential enhancements, […]