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Patient talking to doctor

Aunalytics’ Director of Healthcare Analytics Discusses Costs, Process Efficiency

by Aunalytics • December 9, 2016

The healthcare industry is one of the most quickly changing markets today. This isn’t just the opinion of healthcare providers operating in the sector, but also of DiAnna Peffley, Aunalytics’ Director of Healthcare Analytics. Peffley has been with the company for a little over a year, but in that time, has learned much about the impact data […]

Four Vs of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity

Big Data: 4 Reasons the Analytics Boom is Just Beginning

by Aunalytics • November 10, 2016

The big data, analytics and business intelligence markets have grown considerably over the past few years, especially as companies in every industry realize the opportunities that such strategies can unlock for their organizations. What’s more, expansion in this sector will only continue in the next few years – and at a breakneck pace. While there are […]

Woman sitting next to multiple, colorful shopping bags, with a laptop, holding up a credit card

Do you know who your best customers are? How big data can help

by Aunalytics • September 16, 2016

Big data offers a seemingly endless number of possibilities for today’s businesses. In addition to gains in revenue and efficiency, big data analysis can also bring a number of advantages when it comes to a company’s current and prospective customers. This is big news, particularly for the marketing department. Learning more about potential buyers, their […]

Man drawing network linkages on a world map with the words "Social Networks" in the foreground

Mining for Insights: What Can Social Media Teach You?

by Aunalytics • August 25, 2016

Since the dawn of the internet age, nothing has shifted the course of user activity more than social networks. Early websites like MySpace blazed a trail for the wildly successful Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, just to name a few. Now, there are spaces for people to share their thoughts, musings, photos, videos and a […]

Doctor examining a patient

Improving Patient Care with Big Data

by Aunalytics • August 2, 2016

Health care is something that touches everyone’s lives, from the moment they are born. Currently, there are nearly 6,000 hospitals in the United States, as well as almost 900,000 professionally active physicians, according to statistics gathered by Becker’s Hospital Review. This represents a lot of possibilities for patients to get the care they need. And as […]

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What can clickstream data tell you about your business?

by Aunalytics • July 14, 2016

Today, more businesses leverage big data to inform important decisions than ever before. This information can come from a range of different sources, each of which paints an insightful new picture of the company, its customers or both. However, in order to reap these benefits, organizations must not only have the data itself, but the skills […]

Internet of Things imagery showing connected device icons

The Internet of Things: Challenges, Insights, & The Future

by Aunalytics • March 30, 2016

This month, we sat down with Aunalytics’ Vice President of Predictive Modeling, David Cieslak, PhD, to discuss his work on Internet of Things (IoT) analysis. We talked about the unique challenges of this type of project and what he’s learned, interesting insights he has discovered, and his thoughts on the future of the IoT field. […]

Never Punt event with coach Kevin Kelley

Five Analytics Lessons Learned from a High School Football Coach

by Julie Grisanti • October 26, 2015

On October 19, 2015, Aunalytics, along with the South Bend Tribune, sponsored an event called Never Punt: Winning Football Through Analytics, featuring acclaimed high school football coach Kevin Kelley of Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas. Coach Kelley is perhaps the most well-known high school coach in the country due to his unconventional strategies. His […]

South Bend 150 Years: Facts & Figures pt. 2

South Bend at 150: Facts and Trends (Part 2)

by Julie Grisanti • June 3, 2015

This is part two of a a two-part blog post. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, click here. In Part 1 of this blog post, we discussed infographics related to Population, Industry, and Recreation in South Bend throughout its 150 years of existence. Next, we will tackle Education and Infrastructure/Transportation trends, and wrap up […]

South Bend 150 Years: Facts & Figures pt. 1

South Bend at 150: Facts and Trends (Part 1)

by Julie Grisanti • May 29, 2015

On May 22, 1965, the city of South Bend (Aunalytics’ headquarters) was incorporated. To commemorate this event, the city held a 150th birthday bash in downtown South Bend over Memorial Day weekend. Aunalytics and our sister company, Data Realty, participated in the “Tech Hub” during the celebration. The Tech Hub was meant to show the […]