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Your data can help you retain and gain subscribers.

Cable & Broadband providers use data to gain deeper knowledge of their subscriber base, which leads to massive business value.

Use Data to Retain & Gain Subscribers

Today, the cable and broadband industry is facing the reality that subscribers are altering their cable, internet, and phone usage patterns. Adding to the challenge, providers are limited to specific geographic areas. Gain a competitive advantage by using data to increase retention and gain new subscribers.

See how analytics can improve your business…

Retain Current Subscribers

What if you knew which current subscribers were most at risk to leave? We help you pinpoint the factors that indicate a subscriber is ready to leave so you can proactively reach out to them to solve service issues or offer a new promotion.

Gain New Subscribers

We help you gain subscribers by telling you exactly which households resemble your most valuable current subscribers. This helps you focus your marketing efforts on ideal prospects who are most likely to subscribe.

Perfect your Messaging

Not only can our solutions help you pinpoint the ideal people to contact, we can help you uncover the optimal form of messaging for each individual—from method of contact to ideal promotion, saving you time and effort.

Cable + Broadband Use Cases

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Advanced analytics, powered by Aunsight.

Our end-to-end analytics platform provides the scalable infrastructure and computing power necessary to realize massive value in your data.


Our cloud-based platform provides all the components needed to transfer, store, transform, and automate data processes. No more fighting with data or the various tools needed to interact with it—with Aunsight, each component has been integrated seamlessly.


Aunsight’s Analytics Bundle includes the Data Science Lab and Dataflow Manager to help Data Scientists explore and manage advanced analytics and modeling.

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