No matter how skilled a workforce or data analyst is, it can be difficult to clearly identify insights from rows and columns of data. What’s more, the pressure is on for many enterprises to make the best use of their value-rich big data and ensure that analysis leads to results that will support the value and success of the organization.

Enter Tableau, an advanced data visualization software solution

For these and a slew of other reasons, software tools like Tableau have emerged, helping businesses, educational institutions, developers and other users make the most of their data sets. Tableau supports the creation of interactive data visualizations, which, according to Aunalytics Director of Consumer Analytics Kyle Davis, can help highlight key patterns that can then lead to the most powerful insights possible.

“It brings the data to life so that it’s more easily digestible, and not just for data scientists – for everyone,” Davis said.

Currently, there are numerous Tableau user groups across the country, helping those with software licenses better utilize the capabilities this software has to offer. South Bend-based Aunalytics recently partnered with the University of Notre Dame to establish a brand-new user group in the Northern Indiana area, including users from the local community.

The Northern Indiana Tableau User Group

The administration building at the University of Notre Dame

Aunalytics partnered with Tableau users at Notre Dame to create the Northern Indiana user group.

Davis noted that it’s not just Tableau users at Aunalytics and Notre Dame who are involved, although the university does utilize the software in multiple departments across its campus. The Northern Indiana Tableau User Group also includes Aunalytics clients seeking to improve their use of the software, as well as other businesses in the community looking to learn more about Tableau’s impactful capabilities.

“We saw this as an opportunity. There wasn’t a user group here in Northern Indiana and we think it can bring a lot of value to the community and the companies already using the tool,” Davis said. “Tableau is powerful, and it has so many features and capabilities that you can almost get lost. We wanted to see what other organizations were doing and how we could apply these cases to our own work.”

As a result, Aunalytics led the charge to launch the Northern Indiana Tableau User Group, supported by The University of Notre Dame and endorsed by Tableau itself. The software company even helps publicize the user group, sending out invitations to all Tableau license holders within a two-hour radius of the Northern Indiana meeting location.

Working together to answer top questions

People gather at Aunalytics for the Northern Indiana Tableau User Group

Tableau users in Northern Indiana meet quarterly to discuss features, capabilities and use cases.

One of the most powerful benefits of the group meetings is the attendees’ ability to showcase their usage of Tableau, particularly how it helps answer the most pressing big data questions. Members of the user group use their quarterly meetings to discuss usage scenarios, taking a step-by-step presentation approach. From there, breakout sessions take place, allowing users to ask questions and seek more details about how others are utilizing the capabilities of Tableau.

What’s more, should users run into any obstacles during their analysis with the software, Aunalytics experts are there to lend a helping hand.

“People that come to this group are growing their knowledge of the tool, but really it’s not just Tableau skills that we’re getting out of this,” Davis said. “We’re all learning how businesses are using analytics to drive value for their company.”

Big data and its subsequent analysis can prove incredibly powerful, especially when supported by the right tools and expertise. For more information about analytics or the Northern Indiana Tableau User Group, contact Aunalytics today