Who We Are

We help mid-sized organizations leverage data to solve their most challenging problems, deliver superior results, and change lives;
all while directly impacting their bottom lines.

Our Mission


We help businesses leverage massive amounts of disparate data to solve their hardest problems and arrive at data-driven answers with greater speed and accuracy. We provide software and solutions to help clients to answer their most pressing business questions—providing insights that increase their ROI.


We have developed Aunsight, a proprietary data science platform, that allows data scientists to easily design and customize powerful workflows to integrate disparate data sources, analyze data, and implement new algorithms via seamless plug-ins, speeding the path to actionable insights.


We are comprised of data scientists, software engineers, and business experts who love data and solving high impact, data-driven business problems. Aunalytics exists to harness the power of data and use it to fuel the economic engines of growing businesses, communities, and people.

Our Founder

Nitesh Chawla

Aunalytics is the manifestation of a vision to bring innovative predictive analytics solutions to mid-sized companies. It was founded in 2012 by Nitesh Chawla, Ph.D., an award-winning and innovative professor and researcher.

Nitesh Chawla, Ph.D. is the Frank Freimann Professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Notre Dame, and the director of the Notre Dame Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science (iCeNSA). Dr. Chawla has received various honors and accolades for his innovations in data science and analytics, including the IBM Watson Faculty Award in 2012, the IBM Big Data Faculty Award in 2013, and the IEEE CIS Outstanding Early Career Award in 2014. He is passionate about discovering innovative ways to use data for the common good. His vision and mission are to disrupt the data and analytics space with a novel atom-centric approach to data, a collaborative and user-focused analytics platform, and a relentless focus on delivering the best answers to the biggest problems.

Contact Nitesh Chawla, Ph.D.:
phone 855.799.DATA ext. 503 | email nitesh.chawla@aunalytics.com

We Are Passionate About Data

Our talented team of data scientists and insights strategists believes in the transformative power of harnessing data to answer companies’ biggest questions. We are especially excited to bring these ideas to the middle market—we want to help companies begin to think about their data in new ways, and see the potential that it holds.

Our Management Team

Gregory Davis, Ph.D.

David Cieslak, Ph.D.
Vice President of Data Science

Phillip Whelan
Director of Digital Analytics

Kyle Davis
Director of Consumer Analytics

Heather Short-Davis
Director of Marketing