With a wealth of available data, the retail industry is rife with opportunities for improvement through analytics.


Aunalytics designs and builds solutions that allow you to know where your customers, and prospective customers, are in the loyalty loop. This insight allows you to maximize the value of your messages to them – which increases insights and conversions while strengthening relationships with your channel partners.

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Use Cases

  • Product Recommendations
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Clickstream Analysis
  • IoT Analysis

Consumer Analytics: Product Recommendations

By analyzing disparate data such as product comparisons, sales data, and visitor demographics, we provide e-retailers with deep insights into their customers which leads to more complex sales solutions, including personalized product recommendations and sales offers.

Digital: Clickstream Analysis

Online retailers are fortunate to have large amounts of data at their disposal, and we’ve been able to help e-retailers improve their business through data analytics. By taking a deeper look at browsing data across their websites, we provide insights that inform retailers on how to optimally structure their eCommerce websites in such a way that gives customers a positive shopping experience, and ultimately, increases sales.