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The data science platform generating insights.

Aunsight delivers business insights that executives can act on. This cloud analytics platform is an end-to-end solution, meaning businesses can focus on the data and insights discovered, instead of focusing on the technological components.

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The End-to-End Cloud Analytics Platform from Aunalytics

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Aunsight Features

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Data Gateway

Easily manage and control the secure transfer of your data to the Aunsight analytics platform.

The Data Gateway allows you to control and monitor data streams from all IoT devices, APIs, and internal data sources with guaranteed encryption and transfer of secure information. Since the client is in control, you choose which data is sent to the Aunsight platform, and can stop the flow at any time.

Workflow Manager icon

Workflow Manager

Automate and manage the entire process of data analytics from infrastructure to insights.

Our Workflow Manager enables the automation of data processes by managing project workflows during data management process (QA) and orchestrating the dynamic and elastic allocation of resources. It is process-driven and features automated validity checking of internal processes and ensures data and file consistency and integrity.

Big Data Infrastructure icon

Big Data Infrastructure

Take advantage of our robust computing, storage, networking, & security infrastructure.

The cloud analytics platform’s infrastructure was made for data science and is tailored according to your long-term analytics plan. Built to be storage-agnostic, the platform uses the most appropriate storage infrastructure for the solution we’re delivering. The computing engine was designed for maximum scalability and the entire system was built with security in mind.

Accelerated Data Access icon

Accelerated Data Access

Spend less time waiting for analytics and BI tools to load, process and visualize your data.

The Accelerated Data Access layer provides the ability to query large datasets with minimal latency or query execution time. This dramatically enhances the experience/usage of BI tools such as Tableau, especially when working with large datasets. In addition, clients enjoy the ability to access the new data set using common tools like SQL, SAS, and more.


Dataflow Manager icon

Dataflow Manager

Move, transform and prepare data for analysis using the best tools for the job.

The Dataflow Manager of our platform manages the process of transforming raw source data into a meaningful, high-value data set. It enables analysts, data scientists and data engineers to be nimble and use the best tool for the specific job required, because it was built to be agnostic to programming languages and techniques.

Data Science Lab icon

Data Science Lab

Make data science easy by having all the right tools at your fingertips.

Our Data Science Lab facilitates data science discovery by allowing data scientists to easily and intuitively create, update, and automate predictive models. It is an ideal environment for quickly delivering advanced analytics, which can then be automated, monitored and delivered utilizing Aunsight’s Workflow Manager.

Common Analytics Roadblocks

We’ve identified a number of challenges that many organizations face in their quest to build an analytics ecosystem. Our cloud platform solves most common problems, and we are experts in helping companies overcome these challenges.

End-to-End Solution

“We know what’s worked in our industry in the past. But with technologies changing so fast, we’re having a difficult time keeping up with our competitors. We know we need to begin implementing data analytics, but don’t even know where to start!”

– Struggling Executive

We meet you wherever you are in the analytics journey–whether that is simply providing the infrastructure to facilitate your internal analytics team, or building a complete end-to-end analytics solution. We’re there for you every step of the way.

Aggregating Disparate Data

“Our data is distributed across multiple systems, and even across departments. It would be great to be able to look at certain metrics in tandem, but we can’t even extract the data easily, much less find a way to create a consolidated data set!”

– Overwhelmed IT Director

We specialize in helping companies ingest, aggregate, organize, and analyze their data. Our platform allows us to quickly and easily create new datasets from disparate data, and automate this process so the data is always up-to-date.

Data Preparation

“Our analysts are always complaining that they spend most of their time wrangling the data. It would be awesome if we could make things easier for them so they can actually spend their time doing the analyses we hired them for.”

– Frustrated Lead Analyst

We optimize data preparation tasks to create new, cleaned datasets easily and in a fraction of the time–providing “speed to insights”–allowing you to get to actionable insights faster.

Scalable, Cloud-based Hosting & Processing

“We have a large transaction database that we’d like to run some analyses on, but we just lack the processing capabilities and don’t have the money in our budget to purchase the large amounts of hardware this would require.”

– Blocked Analyst

We take care of storage and processing for you. Our solutions are scalable, so you don’t have to make an up-front investment in hardware that won’t be utilized for some time.

Experience & Expertise

“We’ve decided to leverage open-source technologies like Hadoop, but are having a difficult time hiring a Hadoop expert to get the project off the ground.”

– Overwhelmed CIO

We employ some of the brightest minds in the industry who have deep knowledge of the best analytics technologies and methodologies. We work closely with your team to fill in the expertise and experience gaps.

Automation & Documentation

“We have a pretty good analyst who has managed to put a comprehensive report together that shows us our KPIs. Unfortunately, it’s a very manual process that takes up much of his time. And when he retires at the end of the month, we’re not sure who is going to be able to match his expertise in creating this report on a regular basis.”

– Stressed Director

Our platform was designed to document and automate data processes; no more manually creating reports every week. The platform documents the entire process so you won’t have to rely on one person’s intimate knowledge if there is a need to tweak the report in the future.


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