“Data and analytics will ignite the competitive advantage of companies and fuel the engine of growth—revolutionizing business and improving lives.
-Nitesh Chawla, Ph.D., Founder

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Aunalytics exists to help others harness the power of data and use it to fuel the economic engine of growing companies, communities and people.

The ‘Atom-Centric’ View

What is your ‘atom’?

When you work with Aunalytics, you’ll hear us talk about your ‘atom.’ We define your atom as the smallest, indivisible entity of interest. Your atom could be an individual customer, account, or product of interest. Your atom is specific to your business, and we help you determine what that is.

Why is the atom important?

By looking at all of your data as it relates to the atom of interest, we can learn more about the atoms on a micro level and use that knowledge to make predictions. The atom is the key to predictive analytics.


Interactive Web Application

Retention Algorithm

We can help you pinpoint those customers who are most at-risk of leaving your company—so you can take action to reduce churn.

Up-Sell Algorithm

Based on your demographics and previous behaviors, we can help you tailor your marketing for individuals.

New Acquisition Algorithm

Learn who your ideal customer is, and find those customers in your community.

Featured Industries

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We’ve helped banks
and investment companies
make the most of their data.



Customer churn is a big
problem in the media industry.
We’ve helped companies reduce
subscriber churn by 5%.



Whether you are an oncology center,
a hospital, or a blood bank, we can help you implement data-backed solution to your big challenges.



Using basic transactional
information every retailer collects, we use historical data to reveal purchasing trends and identify who your best customers are and their buying behavior.


Aunsight: Our Data Science Platform

Make Data Science Easy

  • Integration
  • Build Workflows
  • Re-use and Schedule
  • Monitoring




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