We’ve helped banks and investment companies make the most of their data.


Financial institutions have large amounts of data—customer data, transactional data, and more. This data can be used to improve many parts of their business

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Use Cases

  • Customer Retention
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Upsell/Cross-sell

Consumer Analytics: Customer Retention

While gaining new members and encouraging members to open additional accounts is one way to build your business, it is just as important focus on retaining existing members. Using customer transactional data, we’ve developed a model that predicts when a given customer is likely to leave. With this knowledge in hand, banks and credit unions have had success reaching out to these members, reducing their overall attrition percentage.

Consumer Analytics: New Customer Acquisition

Businesses are always looking to grow by acquiring new customers, and financial institutions are no exception. To facilitate this process, we first used current customer transactional and demographic data to create profiles of “ideal” customers. Next, outside data sources were integrated in order to discover people who best fit the characteristics of the “ideal” customers. Banks and credit unions have used this information to reach out to those promising individuals, which translates to improved marketing campaign success rates. Prospects can even be filtered by potential lifetime value so that marketing dollars can be focused on those prospects most likely to make an impact on the company’s bottom line.

Consumer Analytics: Upsell/Cross-sell

There are many opportunities for banks and credit unions to increase profits by focusing on their existing customers. As customers move through life, they may need better or additional products, such as a mortgage or auto loan, investment account, or additional bank accounts for family members. We use customer transactions to create models that predict who is likely to need a new product or service, and when, so marketing departments can reach out to current customers at the appropriate time with the appropriate offer.