Data Management & Analytics Platform

Speed to Insights

Our End-to-End Solution Optimizes Big Data Analytics

Infrastructure to Insights

infrastructure to insights graphic

Data Ingestion

We reduce the requirement to manage the complexity inherent in big data.

  • Disparate data needs an automated process for ingesting data into Hadoop.
  • Our Data Gateway automates the ingestion process, making data available, ready, and dynamic to your analysts and partners through for (1) in-house data sources, (2) cloud data sources, or (3) IoT sources.
  • Includes comprehensive security and compliance management with outside audits, vulnerability, and penetration testing.

Hosting & Processing

Experience the benefits of Hadoop with none of the hassle—our fully hosted and managed Hadoop Data Hub is designed and optimized for the analysis of data.

  • Fully managed and custom-designed Hadoop cluster hosted from our world class data centers and ready for scale.
  • An acceleration layer that allows rapid interactions with data, taking queries from minutes to seconds.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Lower capital investment and costs (CapEx/OpEx) to get started, operate, and scale as your needs grow.
  • Reduce human capital costs to source and onboard in-demand Hadoop architect and data engineers.

Analytics-Ready Dataset

Built by You (Direct Access)

  • Explore and manipulate a multitude of new data sources using the tools of your choosing.
  • Raw data sources are loaded into the Acceleration Layer for your team to access with tools they are most familiar and comfortable with.

Built/Automated by Us (Aunsight)

  • The process to create recurring datasets can be fully automated by Aunsight, with no human intervention required.
  • Receive your high-value datasets regularly, easily connecting to a visualization layer for executives.

Data Visualization

It is imperative to deliver high-value datasets quickly, daily, and correctly to the right team members so they can take the right action on the insights.

  • Our visualization layer manages the hardware and software access for our client’s viz tool of choice.
  • This method ensures full security and an optimal user experience.
  • Receive actionable insights from the comfort of your own dashboard. As a certified Tableau partner, we often create custom team or executive dashboards.