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We help you gain valuable insights into your customer base and offer data-backed solutions to grow your business.

Retention, Upsell, New

At Aunalytics, we have worked with businesses across various industries to analyze their customer base and develop algorithms that accurately predict customer churn, suggest upsell opportunities, and identify new prospects. The key to the successful of these projects is a comprehensive analysis of the existing customer base. From there, we can make predictions, such as:

  1. Which customers are most at risk to leave? This gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to those customers with special offers and incentives in order to re-engage them. We have helped companies retain at-risk subscribers and increase recurring revenue.
  2. Which current customers are likely to add additional products and services? Businesses can act on this information by reaching out to these customers with personalized offers.
  3. Which people in the general population are most likely to become customers? Using demographic and transactional data on existing customer, we can create profiles of “ideal” customers. Then, after integrating third party data, we can create a list of people in the population who closely match the profiles of ideal customers. Businesses can then focus marketing and sales efforts on the right people.

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Churn Prediction

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